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The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker

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The Boeing KC135 Stratotanker is a military aerial refueling aircraft. Boeing KC135 Stratotanker. Scheduled to fly for another 20 years before retiring in 2040 the KC135 and its many variants are testimony to the efficiency of the basic airframe which was adapted for use as a . These volumes are packed with authoritative text detailed phot.

Kc 135

KC135 Stratotanker In September 2006 the Air Forces KC135 Stratotanker fleet celebrated 50 years of enhancing fighter bomber and cargo aircraft missions. The Boeing KC135 Stratotanker is actually the main aerial refueling aircraft that is serving the US Air Force and it is the first aircraft of the USAF which is jetpowered. Rick van Engelen Eindhoven France Air Force Boeing KC135 Stratotanker. The C135 family. The KC135 was the first offspring of the Dash 80. 7122 likes 19 talking about this. For our readers today we present to you some amazing facts about the Boeing KC135 Stratotanker the force multiplier. Designed to fly only 10000 hours before retirement after 60 years hightime KC135s have accrued 36000 hours while RC135s have passed 56000 hours. A shuttlecock drogue can be trailed behind the boom and used to refuel aircraft . The Boeing KC46 Pegasus is an American military aerial refueling and strategic military transport aircraft developed by Boeing from its 767 jet airliner.In February 2011 the tanker was selected by the United States Air Force USAF as the winner in the KCX tanker competition to replace older Boeing KC135 Stratotankers.The first aircraft was delivered to the Air Force in January 2019. The company hoped that the US Air Force USAF would almost certainly buy an inflight refueling tanker to support its longrange strategic bombers.

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Boeing Stratotanker

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